While moving towards Rajmachi this giant caterpillar came in our way.


 Rice field along the trek route of Rajmachi

Rajmachi : Nature's beauty at the edge of heaven



Local Name (Marathi) : Ghonas
Venom : Hemotoxic

One wonderful evening:
Clouds, reflections and beach made it wonderful evening and a beautiful click.

Rays for life:
Rays are piercing clouds to reach us, to make our souls alive again.


Ocean is inspiring us. Run, run with the speed of wind.


Common Wolf Snake (non-venomous)

Local Name: Kavadya

This beautiful snake was rescued from village Warananagar and released at hilly area of Giroli. The Photo was taken while releasing it.

Most of the times this snake is misidentified with highly venomous snake Common Krait.

Green Vine Snake (mildly-venomous)

Local Name: Harantol

This photo is clicked at bank of Warana river while releasing it. We rescued it from village Kodoli.
Venom of this snake is fast on small animals but has little or no effect on humans.

Common Sand Boa (non-venomous)

Local Name: Durkya Ghonas

Again this photo is clicked at hilly area of Giroli near Jyotiba temple. We rescued it from Bahirewadi village and released there at Giroli.

Skin colour pattern of this snake is similar to Russell's Viper (Ghonas) therefore it is called as Durkya Ghonas in Marathi. This snake most of the time spends as burrower and can be found in sand or clay with nose and eyes exposed.